Around the Town

Walnut Grove is a unique Sacramento River Delta Town that offers visitors and tourists a variety of services and shops, plus the river with its recreational attractions. Take a look at some of our local shops and favorite spots. But beware…the Delta has a very quiet way of working its way into your heart and soul. It’s unique history in California and it’s small country charm will lure you back again and again for good times and great experiences. And, we hope you might want to enjoy a good cigar along the way too. See our friends and fellow business owners of  The Walnut Grove Iron Works, Whirl Wind Gifts, and don’t forget to eat at one of our great local eateries like Giusti’s place just down the road from the town of Walnut Grove. Don’t forget to pick up a few fresh veggies at the Delta Islands Organic Farm on your way back. There’s so much to see. Visit us soon!